Flash Terms

Our Flash Sales Terms. Full Terms Available Here

Terms Of Service

1. Plans are non refundable.
2. Plans cannot be exchanged for existing plans.
3. There is no fee for transferring your plan to another individual so long as they have a pre-existing account or are willing to create an account.
4. Plans cannot be reserved. If not purchased after 20 minutes, the order will be cancelled and added back to stock.
5. Plan prices are recurring for the life of the plan.
6. Once stock of a sale item is gone, that sale is finished. Upon new event days, new plans and stock will be available.
7. No Tor.
8. No torrenting.
9. No public VPN.
10. No spam/bulk mail/IP blacklisting
11. vCores are fair share. You may use a maximum of 25% of a physical thread and may burst for up to an hour in any given 24 hour period.
12. Bandwidth is suspended upon exhaustion. There are no overage charges. 13. No custom flash plans can be created.
14. Very rare plans will be presented from time to time with single stock. If you are lucky enough to stumble across these plans, immediate purchase is neccessary. Failing to purchase extremely rare plans within 5 minutes of taking the stock will result in no further orders being accepted from the user and the plan will also be removed until it is cycled again.
15. Certain plans (such as NVMe and SSD dual storage) require manual provisioning. This can take up to 24 hours. Please be patient while the VM is prepared.
16. All plans are limited in quantity. Please do not contact support requesting if a specific plan can be restocked.
17. Offers are constantly changing BUT the purchase links will remain the same. Avoid posting flash offers on your sites as the purchase links will lead to a different plan. 18. There is no affiliate commission on these plans. 19. Be fast and have fun. Be sure to read our entire terms of service at our main website.